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Are there patterns in your life, your parenting?
Do you want to learn how to empower yourself to create lasting change?

Are you ready to become a empowered leader in your parenting?

I have trialled many different packages with change-maker parents, and I have found the package that most opt for - and that serves them best - is my retainer package.

The retainer packages I offer are designed to meet the needs of those parents who are so driven to make and implement change that they often seek a sounding board and/or brief support and encouragement in between coaching sessions. Some require a 3 or 6 month retainer package, and others who are striving for that next level change invest in the 12 month package. 
Please email me to discuss which retainer package aligns with you - let's start empowering you to make lasting change today!

Please see below for the alternative services offered.  

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Tailor made workshops for like-minded parents, mothers/fathers groups, organisations, playgroups, small groups, etc.



1:1 coaching packages, available in packages tailored to you.


 I will assist you in working through negative thought patterns and processes, and any areas in life in which you feel you may be blocked.


Coaching can be held via face-to-face meeting, phone or Skype, and run for 45 minutes.

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