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I'm Lesley-Anne....

I am a parenting strategist and coach. I have worked with families and children for 21 years both in the UK and here in Australia. I have called Australia home for the last 13 years.

Since gaining my NNEB (Diploma in Nursery Nursing), in the UK,  I have worked in various child care settings which include being a Nanny, working in child care centres, being an assistant coordinator of a child care centre and working for an outreach centre delivering an Parent Skills development program to families at risks for 3 years.

I now work primarily with parents and their mindset to enhance and strengthen their connections and understanding of their child. Helping parents bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be by creating awareness, aligning values and creating beliefs that better serve them and their child which in-turn allows them to be even more than they thought they could be and allows their child to be all of who they are.

I see the world through your eyes - to be able to help you achieve your goals in parenting, and help you see your possibilities with no judgement, empowering you to be the best possible version of you in all areas of your life, not just in parenting.

I explore all possible strategies for you and your child and help you create the best possible mindset that will create deeper communication and connection with your child in a sustainable and achievable way.


We will explore many different possibilities, techniques, theories and routines and implement which best fits for you, with no judgement or expectation. I understand that there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, or life itself - every body is unique, individual, and following their own path.

Words of Gratitude

My life and my happiness has changed so much since I worked with you and put all of your methods into practise.  I know it was me that made the changes but I truly do not believe I could have ever have done this without you.


I highly recommend Lesley with her gentle, calm approach to her coaching. After just a few sessions Lesley had already helped me in finding the blocks in my life I needed to work through to live at my highest standards and get back on track. Her technique was gentle yet firm which gave me the push I needed. Thank you Lesley for showing me I am more than I think I am.


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