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Lesley is so incredibly gentle, lovely and easy to work with. I had never worked with a coach before so had absolutely no idea what to expect, but after the first session I was blown away with how much it was exactly what I needed, and how life-changing it was. Lesley has helped me to acknowledge areas in my life where I was clinging to old beliefs that no longer served me, and she coached me to develop new beliefs that align with the life I want - And we developed a lovely friendship. Lesley came into my life at exactly the right time and I am so grateful for the gifts she's given me.


Lesley has helped me so much with my son who has sensory processing disorder, from strategies to help him to reach his full potential, to helping me see the world through his eyes and senses.
She has a remarkable calming nature that instantly puts children at ease, she really dose understands them, and in doing so makes her a perfect parent whisperer.
She is an invaluable part of our lives now and forever.


Lesley is an exceptionally beautiful coach. Before I started coaching with Lesley, I felt very stuck in my parenting. Through Lesley's coaching, I have grown so much as a mum and have a different relationship with each of my three kids. I am totally grateful to Lesley for her supportive nature, championing me along the way and holding the space through the tears and laughter. Thank you Lesley. I highly recommend Lesley to anyone looking to transform their relationship with their kids.


"Lesley - My life and my happiness has changed so much since I worked with you and put all of your methods into practice.  I know it was me that made the changes but I truly do not believe I could have ever have done this without you. "

"I still have a wee bit to work on but I am on the right road and am so positive about getting there and the adventure I am now on with my life. I have changed the way that I am with the kids – I have so much more patience now, I am a better Mum and a better wife too and so much kinder to myself which I think was the biggest thing of all!"



I was privileged enough to have had Lesley coach me on personal relationships with family, others and self. Her gentle and direct approach helped me identify and reclaim parts of me. 

Lesley helped me see my worth in business and get the momentum needed to get my business moving forward and I am so grateful for what she gave me then and I continue to see the ripple affects of within myself now.


Lesley’s coaching has had such a profound effect in helping me to take huge steps forward in my life. Throughout our sessions and coaching I’ve been able to uncover the underlying reasons that I had been stuck in unhealthy cycles that were preventing me from moving on. Each session has been lead gently yet directly to recognise and shed unhelpful habits and thought patterns and to set up and implement new, achievable goals. Lesley is always honest, direct, gentle and encouraging. Some of the things that I confronted during my sessions were painful and difficult, yet having Lesley’s support and encouragement to guide me through made the whole experience so much more bearable. Lesley is an awesome coach, guide and personal cheerleader all rolled into one and I am truly grateful for the changes she has helped me to make in my life.


I highly recommend Lesley with her gentle, calm approach to her coaching. After just a few sessions Lesley had already helped me in finding the blocks in my life I needed to work through to live at my highest standards and get back on track. Her technique was gentle yet firm which gave me the push I needed. Thank you Lesley for showing me I am more than I think I am.


Lesley's coaching gently guided me to realise what I needed to do to unlock self confidence I didn't even know I had. Thank you.


As a single parent with a challenging co-parent finding Lesley was like finding shelter in a rainstorm. Her calm, friendly nature, her patience and her guidance were invaluable. It was obvious that she really cared about me achieving the outcome I sought and always asked the questions that needed to be answered to move forward. She was equally encouraging and assertive and I grew immensely as a person and a parent as a result of our sessions together. The seeds of wisdom Lesley planted are now sprouting and I am forever grateful.


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